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Friday, January 19, 2007

you're fired!

Do you think a Guardian Angel can get fired? Is there a complaint department I can write to? I can just imagine somewhere a line of Guardian Angel's waiting for their unemployment checks because they were fired from their last job for not protecting their person as well as they could be. I have a bone to pick with the person that assigns out the Guardian Angel's when the babies are born.

My daughter's Guardian Angel has a bit to be desired. I mean don't get me wrong, he's there right at the nick of time to make sure that something truly horrible doesn't happen. The injuries she's received have always been minor and I am so thankful for that, but come on, can't the guy be a little more on the ball to try to prevent some accidents from occurring at all?

I seriously believe my son's Guardian Angel is a overachiever. He's a very active boy, always running, jumping, skipping, leaping. But does he ever get hurt? NO! Seriously, a jump between the couch to the chair that could result in seriously injury he sails gracefully and lands perfectly without bouncing off. That Guardian Angel might just be a brown-noser to the Lead Guardian Angel.

My daugther's Guardian Angel I swear is a beginner, working to get his wings. Some young punk that didn't pay attention in class and copied off of his neighbor's tests in school. How this guy ever was given an assignment of watching my little girl I'll never know.

Yes. He did make sure that when she chipped her front tooth BEFORE it even cut through the gums it wasn't so serious that the tooth died, turned black and had to be pulled.
Yes. Now that she has THREE chips in her two front teeth neither of them have turned black and died.
Yes. Her gash on her chin wasn't serious enough that it required stitches. Just some glue. Thank you.
Yes. Her numerous cuts and scratchs have resulted in minimal scarring.
Yes. When her finger got smashed in the door it just got a little sore and swollen but didn't get broken. She's a very lucky girl.

And YES! Last night when she swallowed a penny, her Guardian Angel was there to make sure she didn't choke on it and that it passed her esophogus down to her stomach with minimal discomfort. But come on, couldn't he have been there just a few minutes earlier to make sure she didn't swallow it at all?

Instead I had to spend three hours in the Emergency Room with a little girl that looked like she had just won the lottery. It was a slow night, not busy and she got to be the star of the E.R. Everyone loved her and thought she was so cute. From the time we walked out the front door of the house to the time she went to bed after the E.R. visit she was as happy as a clam. Never would have thought there was anything wrong with her. We all know she's a drama queen and loves to play the victim so it wouldn't be any surprise to you that right before they called me over to view the x-ray the thought went through my mind "she better darn well have swallowed that thing and didn't just react because I THOUGHT she did!" Even though it's hard to see a foreign object show up on the x-ray of your child I kinda breathed a sigh of relief to see that she actually DID swallow a penny. Today I had to follow up with her pediatrician and another x-ray. At 1pm today the penny was still in her stomach. Sometime during this weekend a normal diaper change is going to present me with a big surprise.

You know the saying "you can't choose your Guardian Angel."? Well if you could I'd choose that my daughter had my sons. Aren't the boys the ones that are supposed to get hurt all the time? Not the precious little girl!
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