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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006

I must say, 2005 hasn't been all that bad of a year. Nothing really bad happened to me or my family this year. I can't think of anything really huge or exciting that happened this year though either. Just a few things I guess...

5th Wedding Anniversary in March.

"S"'s 10 year high school reunion that we didn't go to.

"S"'s brother's high school graduation.

Starting a Rick's College Snow Building Music Ensemble Alumni Website and Newsletter.

Starting my blog.

My daughter's 1st birthday.

My son's 3rd birthday.

I guess those are the highlights. I say goodbye to 2005 and what it brought me, and welcome what 2006 hold in store for us.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

27 years ago

Today is my birthday.
I am 27 years old today.
Happy Birthday to me.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Partners in Crime

You've probably been wondering where I have been. I have never gone this long between postings. Apart from the obvious reason; A few days before Christmas, there have been a few. I've been up super late every night for the past few weeks trying to finish up projects for Christmas. I'm making a quilt for "Sy", that has taken up a lot of my time. But the main reason for my hiatus is this: My two little toddlers are getting along. No more fighting, crying or screaming between the two of them. I know, you may be thinking, how is that a BAD thing. From the way I've been talking for the past few months you think I would be singing Halleluhah. Ya well guess again.

"W" and "Sy" are getting along. They've become partners in crime! No longer is it just "W" beating up on his little sister, oh no, they've discovered a new way to spend their time. TeAm Up tO MAke mOm INSANE!!!

These past few weeks have been quite crazy. Pretty much since the time change occurred the end of October its been really hard to get "W" to go to bed at his normal bedtime of 6:30pm. It keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. The good thing about that has been that he's been sleeping in, the bad side is I don't get to start on the normal things that I do after he's gone to bed. Pick up the house, do the dishes, and then after the house has been cleaned work on my little projects. This in turn means that the house keeps finding itself getting messier and messier, I am staying up later and later, which means my patience gets shorter. (funny, my web address for my blog is 'the art of patience').

I've been busy, and I know that. I feel guilty for not writing much lately. But I believe after you hear about the most recent event that the two toddler criminals have committed just a few short minutes ago you will understand.

"W" and "Sy" were all dressed. I went into my bedroom to get changed from my pajamas so I could make a quick run to the UPS store to use their fax machine. I got dressed, walked out of my bedroom into the living room to see those two sitting in the middle of the floor. Next to them was an empty bag of frozen corn, and spread throughout the entire living room was frozen corn quickly defrosting. "W" has discovered how to open the freezer door. (We have a fridge/freezer with the freezer at the bottom). He has been getting into the freezer lately. Tuesday I came home from the grocery store and started unloading things. As soon as I turned around "W" had opened the freezer and pulled out a box of Banquet frozen breaded chicken strips. Opened the box and started eating them. FROZEN! Today, it was a bag of frozen corn. And I'm not talking a normal size bag of corn, I'm talking a family size super jumbo size bag of corn. He started nibbling on it, showed "Sy" was it was all about and then they dumped the bag out in the middle of the floor.

I tried to stay calm. I didn't yell, I didn't say anything. I quickly (and calmly!) walked over the vacuum and plugged it in. I turned it on and began to vacuum the corn up off the carpet. That wasn't good enough for my little hoodlems, they started picking up corn and throwing it at the vacuum. Or picking it up, putting it in their mouths, chewing it a little, and then spitting it out in front of the vacuum. Thats when I lost it. I turned off the vacuum, picked up "Sy" and put her in her crib. Then I picked up "W" and put him in his bedroom. I finished vacuuming up the corn. Which had defrosted by now, so as the vacuum ran over it, it would break up, and spread out more. Theres a big wet spot in the carpet where the bag had been dumped out originally, I can't figure out if it is from the ice crystals or the corn. If its from the corn, its gonna become a nice sticky crinklely, crusty spot I'm sure.
After most of the corn had been vacuumed up, I turned off the vacuum and sat down to write this post. I need to decompress before I can go in and bring those two little troublemakers out of their rooms.

As soon as I hit Publish Post I will get the two out of their rooms. We will get loaded up in the truck, go to the UPS store to send the fax and then we're gonna go to Home Depot and look for a big heavy duty magnet (two at each end of a rope) in order to keep the freezer door shut!

(Oh and in case you think my kids are yelling, screaming and crying in the background right now. They're not. "W" has found a few cars that interest him, and "Sy" keeps calling out to see if "W" or I will answer. They're both perfectly happy right now.)

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

IM Language

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to IM. There I said it. Now that I have I can face it straight on and deal with it. I think it all started when I got married. I was far away from friends and family but was able to talk to them (for free) any time I wanted. But the illness only got worse when I started staying home with my baby. I'm home all day without anyone to talk to, phone calls can be expensive (especially long distance) so I started IMing my friends. In the past few years more friends have either had children so they're home, or have just become more computer savvy, because of this I can pretty much be talking to someone anytime during the day. The only thing that bugs my husband about this addiction is when he hops on the computer and is bombarded with IM messages from people who think its me. I think its funny. He'll let out a heavy sigh and come out and say "so and so wants to say Hi". Though I am addicted to it I haven't yet be completely engulfed by it.

There are many new words that have been created just for the IM world. A few I am familiar with a few I am not. I've never been one to use them much. I took a few typing classes in school, I have a tendancy to use full sentances, and full words, even if it doesn't save time. Though I do have to say that when the toddlers are helping me, I'm amazed anyone can understand what I'm writing. (Proud Mum you know what I mean, we have pefected the art of reading foreign symbols and knowing what the other one is writing.) And of course you gotta love the smileys, they are a complete language all on their own.

I would also like to report that yahoo and MSN are teaming up. Starting in the New Year, (exact date is still unknown) you can IM people from either messenger program. Yahoo Members will be able to IM MSN Members and vice versa. Even the smileys, and backgrounds and things can be shared.

Here are the few IM words I use.

BRB - Be Right Back
Talk To You Later
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

CU, C-Ya - See you Later
BTW - By The Way

Here are a few IM words I know but don't use.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud
ROFL - Roll on Floor Laughing (At least thats what I THINK it stands for)

I can't think of anymore right now. If I do I'll add them.
I would love to hear which ones you know of and/or use. I know the Today Show on NBC did a segment about this very thing a few weeks ago, but I missed it.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Football Flair

I've always been very competitive. Ask my brothers, they'll tell you. My competition is with most people but I find myself competing against the boys even more! Being a bit of a tomboy probably helped with that.

I am the oldest of three and the only girl. I always had to be taller, stronger, and faster than my brothers. I always had to hit the ball farther, catch better, throw farther, and run faster. We often would play competitive sports as well. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, you name it. I had to be good enough to stay in the game with them(and their friends), but I also had to push myself farther so there would be a good chance of beating them. Not until we were in high school did my brothers start to beat me. (They got taller, stronger and heavier, funny how that happens. I'm 5'7" and have been since sophomore or junior year, my brothers are 6'4" and 6'0".) But because of all my competition I really felt like I was a bit of an athlete and jock.

I played basketball for four years in high school. (yes along with being in the pep band, that often made for scheduling conflicts but it was all good!) I also had a pretty good arm. I was pretty accomplished at throwing a good spiral with a football. Throwing it far too.

My first fall semester at Ricks. First day of classes. That evening with my 5 other female roommates we went over to the boys apartment complex to meet our F.H.E. brothers. (F.H.E. stands for Family Home Evening. FHE Brothers were designated boys to hang out with on an at least weekly basis). There were 6 boys in their apartment too. Since it was late August and the weather was still pretty nice we stood outside talking. A little way away a group of guys were playing catch with a football. The ball got away from them and it rolled over to me. I picked it up, and gently tossed it back to the guy closest to me. While we were standing there talking, a few minutes later the ball came rolling up to my feet again. This time I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off my fine football skills!

I picked up the ball and held it like I was going to throw it this time. The guy closest to me; still about 20 feet away; told me to throw it to him. I waved my arm at him to back up, he backed up another few feet, and acted like there was no way I could throw it that far. I waved at him to back up still, ( I knew what I could do!), but he wouldn't back up any farther. So I pulled back my arm and let it go. I had thrown the most beautiful spiral known to man! It went way over the guys head and all the way to where the other guys were waiting to continue their game of catch. (Oh, and I'm left-handed by the way!)

I got a bunch of "Oohh's" and "Aahh's" from the guys that were playing the game of catch, a few "wow, good for you 'D'" from the girls, along with a few "You show 'em how its done!". Plus a few "How did you learn how to throw a spiral like that?". I was so proud of myself, especially because a good spiral like that wasn't a guarantee. From that moment on for the rest of the year I was known as the "Athletic One" in our apartment. (I was also known as the only brunette, and the only one in my apartment not at Ricks to get their M.R.S. degree, but that's another post all on its own!)

Ahh, to only be that young and fresh from the athletics department again. I can only imagine the dismal failure I would make of trying to throw a spiral now. I bet I would pull a muscle. I better practice up, I'll be the one teaching my son how to do it in a few years...

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First Snowfall

We had our first snowfall last night. It was really just a little dusting; but for Albuquerque even thats a big deal. Albuquerque is in a bit of a bowl, all the mountains around us get the snow and in the city we always get jipped. So even though it was just a dusting I would like to report that there were a few schools with 1-2 hr delay. I-40 was closed for a few hours because of a semi-truck accident, but is now back open. Its already melting and it will all be gone by the end of the day, but still its always exciting to wake up to seeing the world all covered in a blanket of white snow.

"...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

To celebrate this momentous occasion I have a few cartoons related to snow I would like to share with you.

"...I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..." Have a Merry Christmas Season. Here is wishing you can have a White Christmas as well!

(P.S. Only 16 more days till my birthday.)

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Thursday, December 08, 2005


My past has determined who I am today. And even though I may not have been happy about the way certain events transpired then I am greatful for them now, for they have helped to shape me into the woman I am now.

(name I can't remember)

...Then I met and married my husband...

Just keep in mind I was a good girl. I learned something about myself with every name on that list. Some lessons I didn't get the first time and I had to relearn it. I convinced myself there was something more to the relationship than what was really there. (There really wasn't much of a "relationship" with any of them.) I don't know why I'm writing this, I guess I just need to get it out there. I've learned a lot about myself.

On our first date "S" and I talked about previous relationships. He told me he had only kissed one other girl. He asked me, I told him. He referred to me as being "experienced". I was embarrassed.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Surprising? I think not

I got donuts at the grocery store on Monday night.
I thought if "W" saw them he'd be crying for them constantly.
This morning I was feeling generous and brought them out of hiding.
I gave "W" two donuts.
I left the room to take care of "Sy".
When I came back this is what I saw.
It caught me by surprise.
I never thought he would have only eaten the chocolate on top.
It is really very funny to me.
But I guess if I think about it, I really shouldn't be surprised.
What child would eat the bread part of a donut,
if it wasn't all completely covered in chocolate?

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Deck the Halls"

Friday afternoon we got our christmas tree. I was very excited about that.

I grew up with a fake tree. I think the one year we got a real tree (that I can remember), we had a big wind storm that destroyed our garage, our pool and a huge piece of sheet metal flew into the house below my bedroom window. That would have been
January 9, 1990.
When we were married, I told my husband I would only have a real tree. He's tried and tried to convince me that we should get a fake tree, the very thought of it would make me want to cry. After my kids went to bed we brought the tree inside. We got the christmas decorations down from the closet and "S" set to work putting the lights on. Growing up the tradition was dad put the christmas lights on the tree. Mom and us kids would do all the rest. "S" is happy to go along with that tradition. He string the lights, and I do all the rest while he watches t.v. :-)
I love the idea of a tree that works with a theme. At least a theme of colors. I have two different sets for my tree. Blue with silver, and burgandy with gold. This year I did the burgandy.

I love getting new ornaments. Every year after christmas I go in search of ornaments that I can add to my collections. When we were growing up, my aunt would give us a new ornament for christmas every year. The idea was that when we were on our own we would have enough to decorate a tree. We used those the first year we were married in our little apartment in Phoenix.

It takes me a few hours to decorate my tree. I have to decide which set of ornaments to use, and then everything has to be just right. I love christmas time. Its the only holiday I have a lot of decorations, besides a welcome sign.

I always love the saturday morning when the kids wake up and come in and see the tree and the decorations. Their eyes just light up to see the tree.

But of course then they're overwhelmed with curiousity and their little hands have to touch.

It only took a few minutes before bulbs were being pulled off and garland and ribbon was moved.

So between now and new years if I'm not writing much its because my tree needs to be guarded at all times!

I wanted to include pictures of my tree. I hope you like seeing some of my favorite ornaments.

The bulbs with the music notes and instruments my mom made for our first christmas. The glass leaves and snowmen she bought to help me start my collection for our second christmas.

The silver bells were used as party decorations at the surprise wedding shower that was thrown for me at my old job. To me that was something special and I have used them on my christmas tree every year since we were married.

Keep your fingers crossed that nothing gets broken or lost this christmas season. I know its a part of motherhood to have something truly special to you accidentally broken but I always hope that I can sneak past that little calamity. The first and second days are usually the worst, but who knows what can happen if I don't have the tree in my sight! Have a happy christmas season!

(P.S. Only 23 more days till my birthday!)

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today is December 1st. I love December. It's my birthday month! I love my birthday. Only 28 more days till my birthday! When I was a kid I wouldn't count down till Christmas like most kids. I counted down till my birthday. I would start October 29th. "Only 2 more months till my birthday!" Growing up I had a friend who's birthday was on November 29th. In college my roommate/best friend's birthday is June 29th. Exactly 6 months to the day older than me. I could have then started counting down.

I'm going to be 27. I don't know how I feel about that yet. 27 sounds so old.

So here goes my countdown. 28 more days till my birthday!!!

(Be happy I didn't start on October 29th like I did when I was a kid.)
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