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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hello Out There

I have a question. Isn't it bad enough that I'm suffering from exhaustion, low energy, nausea, and vomiting? Do I really have to have extreme heart-burn thrown into the mix? I have been fighting heart-burn since 4 O'clock this morning. Man I thought I was miserable before, this is insane! Anything I took to try to combat the heart-burn turned on the morning sickness. Now that it's late afternoon the morning sickness has settled but I still have the dang heart-burn. Nothing's working! Hot Chocolate? Nope. Ice Cream? Nope. This is really annoying.

It's Snowing. Yes my friends it is snowing in the Duke City. We have a couple of inches on the ground to report of as of right now. This morning didn't look promising but now we're wondering if it's ever going to stop. Reports say it's supposed to stick around till Wednesday evening. Get a break on thursday and then start up again on Friday and Saturday. My kids are very excited. Today my son said "It's snowing! That mean's it's Christmas!" He was a little bummed when I informed him that today isn't Christmas yet. We have big plans. We're going to Provo for Christmas. The whole family is meeting there. We had originally planned to leave Friday morning early but it looks like we'll probably be leaving on Thursday instead.

I have all my Christmas shopping done. Last night was a marathon wrapping party. If you were to walk into our house right now you would 1. think a Tornado had wripped through my house, and 2. think Scrooge must live here. We have no tree. We have no Christmas decorations. We have one string of lights that runs around the top of the wall around the living room. Along with the lights we have a closet door where I hang the Christmas cards we receive. Saturday my husband did manage to put the lights up on the front of the house. I did not send out Christmas cards or my usualy small gift to close friends. I feel badly about this but I would expect that everyone would understand. It's funny. I was pregnant this same time of year three years ago but I was way more ambitious, excited and able to do things. I took pictures at a wedding a week before Christmas. My son was playing out in the yard in the snow for almost an hour today, I didn't even have the energy to pick up the camera and capture a picture of him catching snowflakes on his tongue.

My dad was here last week. It was completely unexpected but completely welcomed. He had to come down as a result of a brother-related issue (I won't be discussing it) but was able to spend all but 2 days out of his week here at my house. I say it was welcomed because we were really starting to feel like we were drowning just trying to keep up with everything. Being that I am absolutely miserable all the time a lot of things are getting left undone. My dad isn't one to just sit around and watch t.v. and for that this week I was thankful. He did my dishes, he cleaned my kitchen, he vaccuumed my house. He helped me run errands and take care of my kids, he helped my husband on a number of projects as well. They took two truck-loads of stuff to Goodwill. They rebuilt the pergola in the backyard(a spring windstorm was about to rip it down so we took it down before it could fall down) and They were able to build the outer wall of the bathroom and get drywall up. I really appreciate all the hard work my dad put in while he was here. Now that he's been gone for two days and my house looks like a disaster again I'm really missing him.

I had my first doctor's appointment a few weeks ago. I met with a nurse/mid-wife. She was really awesome, willing to listen to everything I said, wasn't in a hurry to get me out and on to the next patient. She listened to my concerns, my history from my previous two kids and when I told her I really didn't need to have the STD related tests done she didn't push it. I really liked the nurse she was kind and courteous and respectful. Overall it was a good visit. If only I didn't have to wait for nearly an hour in hopes of being able to pee in a cup. That was kind of embarrassing. There was one thing that bothered me about the appointment. It's all me though, my own attitude. I was a bit surprised when the mid-wife walked in and I think she saw it in my face. She was extremely obese. I mean, not just a little overweight but the almost not able to walk obese. I tried to quickly hide my surprise. When she asked about a history of diabetes in the family I said "Oh, yes. my paternal grandfather has diabetes but that's because he's..." That's where I stopped my self. I was about today "because he's overweight". But then realized who I was talking to and caught myself before I made a faux pas. I know it's wrong to judge someone by how they look. But I can't be the only person that does it right? I choose female doctor's over a male doctor. That's just my preference. The more I thought about it after my appointment the more I was embarrassed but more comfortable with this doctor. Yes we tend to gravitate towards good looking people but do I really want a good-looking Midwife/OBGYN? Someone that every month I go in will see me fatter than the month before? See my stretch marks, etc? I would hate to say that the good-looking Dr would be judging how I look but it isn't a far stretch of the imagination. At least with this midwife no matter how fat, how bad I get stretch marks she'll always think I'm beautiful. (I'm sorry that sounds prideful.)

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a packing day and Thursday a travel day. Please wish us luck that we can get everything to fit in our tiny car and that the roads will be good for travel. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (along with a Happy Birthday to Sariah and Me!) See you next year!
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Laugh or Cry

I have this cd by the Indigo Girls, actually it's a 2 cd box set called 1200 curfews. Almost all the songs on these two cd's were performed while they were on a summer tour around the United States. You know how at concerts the performer always says a couple of sentances in order to introduce the next song? On these cd's there are quite a few tracks that include the intro. Some are just a description of how the song came to be or who wrote it, other's are just kinda funny. There's one that I just can't get out of my head right now.

"You have to laugh at yourself 'cause you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't!"

Actually there's more to the intro of the song Least Complicated but I didn't remember that part until I listened to the track to make sure I have the quote right.

I find myself crying a lot more than I'm laughing lately.

Here is what I depend on to make me laugh nowadays.

back to back episodes of Still Standing
back to back King of Kings
back to back Scrubs
back to back Everybody Loves Raymond
back to back FRIENDS

What do you got up your sleeves to make me smile or laugh?
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