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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rose by any other name...

A few stories that only someone with the last name of:

Smith would understand.

Anyone else might get it but never understand fully unless you have a very common last name.


This a story I overheard my dad telling of something that happened to him one day at work a few months ago.

Co-worker: Oh, Cliff. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.

Dad: What do you mean?

Co-worker: Well I saw in the paper that he just passed away.

Dad: That's funny. I just talked with him on the phone last night. I know I'm good but I didn't think I had a direct line to heaven.

Co-worker: No, I saw it. It said your dad had passed away.

Dad: Was it Claude C. Jones?

Co-worker: Well, no. It was Claude R. Jones.

Dad: Ya, um, that's not my dad.

Co-worker: Oops. Sorry.


My dad was named after his dad, only the first and middle name are reversed. So you can imagine everyone's surprise when the death announcement in the paper the day after my grandpa passed away showed that MY dad had passed away and NOT my grandpa. Oops. At least they got it right in the memorial article the day before the funeral.


A few more things to complain about before I try to find the positive side of 2007:

~ Our garage door opener no longer works. We'll have to replace the opener and the garage door.
~ Got a new chip in the windshield of our car
~ The windshield wiper fluid isn't working. It may just be that the fluid is frozen. (yes it's been that cold), or it could be worse and there's a chance that the freezing fluid has made a crack in the line or the tank.
~ Our car now has 78,500 miles. Our extended warranty ran out at 75,000 miles. (yes, 2000 miles after the extended warranty ran out the bearing in the right rear tire went bad.)


Things to look forward to in 2007:

~ My husband is getting Lasik Eye Surgery. We set aside the money into a medical savings account. It's been taken out of the paycheck, he can't back out now.
~ Our 7th Wedding anniversary in March.
~ The birth of our 3rd baby in July.
~ Getting a new car. (hopefully)
~Birthdays. My husband-30. My daughter-3. My son-5. Me-29.

I'm trying to think of what else we have to look forward to this year but that's all I can come up with. Any help coming up with positive things to look forward to are always welcomed.
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