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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Laugh or Cry

I have this cd by the Indigo Girls, actually it's a 2 cd box set called 1200 curfews. Almost all the songs on these two cd's were performed while they were on a summer tour around the United States. You know how at concerts the performer always says a couple of sentances in order to introduce the next song? On these cd's there are quite a few tracks that include the intro. Some are just a description of how the song came to be or who wrote it, other's are just kinda funny. There's one that I just can't get out of my head right now.

"You have to laugh at yourself 'cause you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't!"

Actually there's more to the intro of the song Least Complicated but I didn't remember that part until I listened to the track to make sure I have the quote right.

I find myself crying a lot more than I'm laughing lately.

Here is what I depend on to make me laugh nowadays.

back to back episodes of Still Standing
back to back King of Kings
back to back Scrubs
back to back Everybody Loves Raymond
back to back FRIENDS

What do you got up your sleeves to make me smile or laugh?
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